Fiba model

Laser-cut wooden accessories

(česky zde)

Fiba is producing fine laser-cut parts of buildings and scenery accessories. Fiba products are made of veneer mostly, but some use other materials - thin plywood, cardboard, paper, plastics etc. Especially Fiba fencing, shingle roofing and leaves are well-known among the modellers. Currently, Fiba is introducing many new products - individual details of buildings (like windows, doors etc.) on one side and even little structures (sheds, wooden toilet cabins etc.) on the other side.

Fiba products have wide utilisation on railway models, in scenery building as well in architectural modelling. That is why Fiba models are produced in numerous different scales, including both railway model scales and plastic model scales. Range of Fiba products grows significantly in these days and we expect many new products in near future.

Fiba products are presented on this website since September 2007. Presentation is only beginning, but you can see here important information just now. Especially Fiba fencing is presented here widely - basic information is here, roundup of all fencing types (bilingual) and examples of using finished fencing (text in Czech only).

We sell Fiba models worldwide, list of product lines and pricing is here. Conditions for international orders are here.

Fiba fencing kits for H0 scale - 1 : 87.

Fiba pricelist here.


Doors & windows



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