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About this N-scale website

My web site is dedicated for Czech railway friends and my customers. Only few things and basic information are translated into English. I know that many information presented here are accessible in English (and in better quality) on other webs. But there are also things, you can hardly find otherwere and I feel responsability to be a guide to foreigners in the world of Czech N-scale.

In our region there is a strong influence of German model railroading. German railways are not completely uninteresting, but if I heard about them from all sides, I was soon disgusted by it. That is why I resolved, when starting to built this website, to inform both about railways and models in my nearest neighbourhood and about railways and models in all distant and exotic countries. I started the exotic part in Northern America - it was the simpliest way - and I still did not reach any other region.

For all foreigners which interest in Czech N-scale I prepared special page where you can find all about this modest theme in English. Most of other pages are in Czech only, but you can see there many interesting photos.

There is a lot of web sites covering American railroads and their models in the world. Despite it, I think, you will find my roundups of North American diesel locomotives (and their models) utile. Use my N scale homepage for all links.

Not N-scale themes

My web site covers also TT and Z scales, there is also model railway e-shop and description of some real Czech secondary railways.


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